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About Löf

Löf (Löf regionernas ömsesidiga försäkringsbolag) is a nationwide Swedish insurance company whose main task is to insure publicly financed health care providers. Our final customers are patients who have suffered an avoidable injury caused by health care. Our mission is to evaluate and give financial compensation to patients injured in health care and to contribute to a reduction in the number of health care related injuries.

Löf is a mutual insurance company owned by its policy holders, the Swedish counties and regions. The company has an annual turnover of approx. 1.5 billion SEK and a balance sheet total of approx. 12 billion SEK.

We are a staff of about 190 employees working with insurance, settlement and patient safety. Our office is located in the centre of Stockholm.

For further information, contact Löf:

Phone: +468 551 010 00
E-mail: info@lof.se